If there be devils, would I were a devil,

So I might have your company in hell.

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I am cross-posting this here because my current journal is f-locked:

K guys. Time to buckle up.

I have a friend located in Pennsylvania, Nicole, also known as Kina and
spirit_of_kina on LJ. She has cystic fibrosis which is a terrible disease. Kina had a double lung transplant two years ago and it was successful in that she didn't die and is living her life as best as she can. She is one of the bravest most loving people I know. I have stood by and helplessly watched her battle a deadly illness and come back time and time again from the very brink. Kina is certainly not someone that gives up on anything.

However she is dealing constantly with the threat of rejection and her medical conditions (diabetes, fainting, anxiety) make it extremely difficult for her to find or maintain work (she was FIRED from her last job for getting sick and having to go to the hospital!!). She is in need of a service dog which costs $3,000.00, half of which she needs as a down payment right away (the rest she can pay off over time in installments). The the information regarding the service dog can be found here: http://spirit-of-kina.livejournal.com/543081.html. There is a donate button on the bottom of the page!

As it stands she and her husband are having a very hard time making ends meet. They have barely scraped through on their rent this month and already owe some friends money for that.

Getting a service dog will allow Kina to get back to work. She desperately wants to earn an income and make her way in this world. After all she's been through, it just isn't right that she be held back now.

Kina (Nicole) has been and continues to be very active in promoting awareness about cystic fibrosis. You can check out more info about her and the disease at her website http://www.fightingtobreathe.com. She has also recently participated in a documentary about cystic fibrosis called 65 RedRoses which will be premiering at a documentary film festival in Toronto in May: http://campaigns.hellocoolworld.com/index.cfm?campaign_id=11.

$1,500 is a lot of money, but a dollar here or two, or whatever you can spare at a time like this, and you'd be amazed at what can happen. I have seen some amazing things happen due to the kindness and generosity of the individuals on the net. Any and EVERY little bit will help. Give what you can, and even if you can't give anything today or tomorrow, thank you for taking the time to read!

I am linking to Kina's Paypal Donate button below. So you can do it at her LJ linked above or here below. Thank you!

For the past two years I've been working for my dad's contracting company as a painter/drywaller general help/driver person. I've painted more square feet of wall and ceiling than most people will SEE in a lifetime. And when I think about it from the get go, there really is a LOT to consider in how its done so that it might be done properly. I thought that now might be a good time to volunteer my expertise in how its done here in this journal to various people who'd like to try and have a go at it on their own. I'll be editing and adding to this as various things come to my head about it. WELCOME TO THE BASIC HOUSE PAINTING TUTORIAL MATERIALSCollapse ) THE PROCESS: PREPARATION:Collapse ) CAULKING:Collapse ) FILLING CRACKS/SANDING:Collapse ) IT IS TIME TO PREPARE FOR PAINTING!Collapse ) PAINTING WITH A PILECollapse ) HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE PAINT TO DRY?Collapse ) HOW MANY COATS DO I NEED TO MAKE IT LOOK PERFECT?Collapse ) THE FINISHING TOUCHESCollapse )

Pure Gryffindor
NOTE:Please ignore this post, it is not an entry, but merely a collection of links to graphic making resources (textures, fonts, brushes, tutorials, screepcaps, stock images etc...) to give credit where it is due.

I believe it is simpler to keep this in my old journal as this entry can be unlocked for anyone to view. It will be updated as I find time and gather more resources.

Any updates on my life can be found at my new journal roseofaurora

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Ladies and Gents...
le *sigh*
wolfdom has left the building.

For those of you wondering where my new journal is located, please log in and view this page's friends only version, details will be found within.

For those of you not permitted to view my friends only entries. Well. Too bad. Make an effort for me, and I might make an effort for you...

The only thing I can offer for explanation is that I'm a control freak.

I shant be updating this journal further. (Aside from the friends only entry to follow this one).



Yeah..I dunno.

John from Theatre class called and asked me to go somewhere with him this weekend...I have other plans but damn...I have a bad feeling about this guy. I really DON'T like him, I mean I'm sure he's decent enough to talk to or whatever, but asking me out if I don't like you is a major life threatening thing to do. He's totally messing up my wanted to even GO to that class. blah
God forbid a guy I LIKE actually ask me out instead...but then again, who needs dating. Its all a worthless waste of time and effort for people like me.

Fuck you all.

Guess who scored a VIP invite to This little shindig....
Yeah and no I didn't do anything immoral to get it. I just know people.
Unfortunatly I couldn't get VIP for my friends, but general admission isn't that bad if you order tickets in advance I think. I don't know, I'll run the idea by them and if they don't like it...well its Friday and I'm going to see a bunch of friends I haven't in AGES, so it'll be fun. I do, however, have to find myself a half decent costume at this point. Yargh...still, it should be fun.

In other news...well I don't know, I'm not in the best of moods...

But in the spirit of "if you don't have anything nice to say...", for once, I'm going keep my mouth shut in the public portion of this site. Which is stupid as hell because it is MY journal isn't it?

this week...so far...
le *sigh*
If you were a My Little Pony, what would you be?
by countryfire
Live Journal Username
Body ColorBlue
Mane and Tail ColorPurple
Rump ImagePaw Print
BreedNewborn Pony
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I DREW the above described MLP. I like it, need tablet to colour or I might go traditional, but I dont have ANY materials handy.

I learned how to levitate.
I learned a new word.
And and and...uh...too tired to think.

Oh that song by the Dixie Chickes makes me want to cry...

le *sigh*



le *sigh*
My Monologue;

Sophistry by Jonathan Marc Sherman

Robin, the college valedictorian, has just found out that not only is her boyfriend Xavier been having an affair with another girl, he sent her flowers. She feels insulted and betrayed, and in this scene, she loses it.

Where were you? You weren't at dinner. You said we'd talk at dinner. You weren't there.
It's supposed to mean Sharon's mouth is big. It's supposed to mean you shouldn't send tangible items if you don't want to get caught, that's what it's supposed to mean. You gave her flowers. She's telling people you gave her flowers. I mean, enough that you're having an affair with the stupidest person on this campus, but you're sending her things you're not even sending me. I'm not even asking for exclusivity here, I'm asking for equality. She gets flowers, the least you could have done was send me some flowers. Not that anything would have been excused, but do you know how low it makes me feel? Are you aware?
You sent the tramp flowers, Ex. You went into town and gave money to a florist so your little affair could smell flowers. How thoughtful! You should have called me. Perhaps I could have picked out some roses and delivered them for you personally, if I happened to be in the right mood, in the floral spirit, as it were.
I've had enough of this shit. Yes, I know, I asked for it, I do deserve some of it because I tolerated it, I allowed it, I ignored it, but there are limits. You've pulled off some incredible stunts during this relationship, gotten away with some extraordinary garbage, and I want to be the first to congratulate you, you do the scumbag thing extremely well. But I will no longer be a segment of your vicious circle. I don't fit. I can't even look at myself in the mirror, because when I do, all I can see are flowers, somebody else's flowers. You've gotten a lot of mileage on just a few drops of romance very early on. I'm a sucker. But the tank is empty. Enough of this. I can't do it. Enough.

I like the definition of the word Sophist. Suffice it to say, I learned something new today. Yes, expect me to blather on about that at length down the line.

Working on some drama crazyness.

Uhm...shit I forgot what else I was going to say!

Oh...Today when I got out the the shower and was brushing out the tangles in my hair, I had a sudden urge to chop it all off. ALL OF IT. I don't know why. I remember having short hair years ago and the reason I cut it was...beyond me really but I know I desperately wanted to change something because my life was spinning out of control (parents divorced that year). So yeah...I don't know what it is now...and I don't know who long it'll last either.

I was watching a street magic show on TLC, I've figured out how to levitate, its pretty easy. I'm suprised more people dont do it more often.

I want to learn card tricks too.

Someday maybe, I dunno.

Night all.

bloo bloo
le *sigh*
Hung out with Evan and Arezo a bit tonight, Evan m'dear, I hope you feel better.

I had some random observations and general updates in mind for ya'll, but honestly, I can't think of any right this instant, too sleepy.

Things have been...a bit of a roller coaster lately and I'll probably fill those of you who don't already know in on it all eventually...but no need to concern yourselves, everything is fine.

its funny how some people can get away with murder around me.


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